River Stone Properties LLC (RSP) was established in 2010 by Patrick Merner and Andrew Marr. We are childhood friends who have worked together for over 25 years. We began working in the construction industry since 1990 and founded our own contracting business in 1998. Throughout these years of contracting experience, we gained a keen knowledge about property development and learned the value of quality real estate.

Following the real estate market crash in 2007 we saw an opportunity and began investing in multi-unit properties in the Rhode Island area. At that juncture, we established RSP with a mission of amassing a real estate portfolio of multi-unit properties creating a strong asset base and steady cash flow.

We specifically target the Providence area real estate market where we see both long-term investment value, as well as, an excellent residential and commercial tenant base that provides a steady positive cash flow. As our expertise in the market has grown we now offer our brokerage, consultation, development, and property management services to local businesses and investors looking for assistance in the real estate market.

Our office is located at 335 Hope St. on the East side of Providence. Being that we are experienced real estate investors with a background in construction we specialize in locating quality real estate, property development, tenant location, and property management services.

Customer Value Proposition

To community business owners and real estate investors, River Stone Properties LLC is the premier Providence commercial real estate company. Being contractors and real estate investors ourselves, we understand the value of commercial real estate and multi-unit properties. We have the hands-on experience of developing and managing properties at great value and will share our expertise with you. Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing we have developed simple step by step processes and will walk you through every step involved needed to secure or sell your investment at the best possible value.

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